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24th of February 2017

Common Misconceptions About Neurodiversity

The terms neurodiverse and neurodiversity are relatively new, coming about in the early 90’s. They were developed by online groups of people, primarily representing autism, to push for create civil rights for the neurodiverse. It is now commonly understood to represent a natural human variation, not a disorder. There is a lot of confusion around […]

26th of January 2017

Breaking the Habit of Discrimination

We fear what we don’t understand. The basis for strife between segments of society, whether it is class, race, religion, or another “otherness” qualifier, is fear, and that fear is based in ignorance. The challenges our community faces are really no different than any other group that is somehow different than the mainstream. Although millions […]

19th of January 2017

Unlearning Stereotypes for Our Own Sake

“Our self-talk is what we say to ourselves in our heads, and the soundtrack of our lives.” Amy Przeworski Ph.D. wrote this powerful sentence in her article on the psychological strength of superior athletes in her post for Psychology Today. It touches on a concept I’ve been thinking about in conjunction with the powerful Whistling Vivaldi, […]

10th of January 2017

A Friendly Conversation Becomes Uncomfortable

“It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – J.K. Rowling  It began on a lovely fall day as an innocent conversation between two friends who had not seen each other for over a year. Catching up on how our respective families were, she inquired about a family member […]

5th of January 2017

Employers Wake Up: Globalization is Changing Workplace Communication

We think a lot about the mythical need for excellent communication skills that is listed on every job posting ever written. We talk at length about what the term “excellent communication skills” even means in this text-heavy world. If I am a great writer but a terrible one-on-one communicator, do I fit the description if […]

27th of December 2016

Radical Candor on Radical Candor

Imagine trying to interview for a new job, trying to communicate in a meeting, or trying to make a great first impression while having a speech-language disorder. You’re acutely aware that you’ve  uttered “um” (like so many of us without a speech-language disorder do), repeatedly. Kim Scott notes in “Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret […]

12th of December 2016

Need Strategies for Creating a More Inclusive Workplace? Ask Your Employees FIRST

So – you’ve successfully built a diverse workforce, but now you realize that the transformation you’re aiming for is only partly accomplished; that your workplace culture must change, too, to accommodate the varied people in it. You want to start the work of building this matching culture – a culture of inclusion that will ensure […]

7th of December 2016

10 Ways to Make Conversation Easier

People with speech and language impairments must often find ways to communicate more efficiently with their peers and co-workers. They are instructed by speech therapists to practice often, and we thought it would be helpful to share a list used by someone with a communication impairment to provide a better understanding of what they go […]

5th of December 2016

Our Voices Are Our Signature, and Should Be Unique

All epic changes in society require one thing: a change in the collective mindset. Nearly thirty years after the Americans with Disabilities Act, we are still awaiting that mindset to change in regards to the disabled, or differently abled, at work. We wrote recently about guarding against otherness as we push for workplace diversity. It […]

1st of December 2016

The Case for Continuing to Be Curious

We live in an era where knowledge is at our fingertips—we can use our phones to search all kinds of information and educate ourselves on all sorts of topics whenever we want, wherever we are. Expanding our minds in this way has brought a greater amount of knowledge to all kinds of topics, including the […]

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