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Being Misunderstood

29th of November 2016

The Case for Being Curious

  Curiosity is natural to human beings; it’s a way to acquire knowledge. As a consultant, I found it helpful to be curious about clients when it appeared we had little or nothing in common. It was at these times that I used curiosity as a tool to find some common ground. Having some chit-chat, […]

15th of November 2016

How Business Leaders Can Save Us

As we watch the new Trump administration take shape many people have hope, and fear, of what lies ahead. One thing we can rely on is that political leaders from both sides will continue to battle. It is why my belief that business leaders can save us is truer now than ever. Years ago I […]

10th of November 2016

For True Diversity We Must Guard Against Otherness

At this time in our nation’s history, it is pretty clear how language and behavior can cause great schisms between groups of people. Divisions that separate us by gender, race, age, socioeconomic class – there seems to be no end to the ways that we find ourselves divided – have become visible. Sometimes these divides […]

8th of November 2016

Leadership Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Leadership can come in all shapes and sizes and I contend that everyone has some leadership ability in them. It’s time to stop judging the size of it. It could be raising your hand for a question, sticking up for yourself, being a parent or a good sibling, asking for a raise or any number […]

3rd of November 2016

Hiring Managers Beware of Communication Techniques and Bias

Great leaders are great communicators; that is the common perception that has been accepted as fact by much of the business world. They also think that intelligent workers are fluid communicators as well. We won’t argue the first point, but the second is most definitely inaccurate. And hiring managers who don’t understand that are vulnerable […]

1st of November 2016

The Hijacking of the Words Diversity and Inclusion

  Have well-intentioned people destroyed the word “Diversity?” I read an interesting article the other day in The Atlantic titled A Person Can’t Be Diverse. In it the director of Selma, Ava DuVernay states “We’re hearing a lot about Diversity, I hate that word so much.” Her rationale is that “it’s a medicinal word that […]

26th of October 2016

Everyday is Different with a Speech-Language Disorder

  My son, who has a language disorder, has been waiting for his twin sister to visit for what seems like forever. He cannot wait to see her, talk with her, and take her to trivia, one of his favorite pastimes. It’s what he’s been most excited about for a while as they are great […]

13th of October 2016

Closing the Clinton Global Initiative: Don’t Throw Out the Baby With the Bathwater

There was a singular reason we (The Speech Factor) became a member of Clinton Global Initiative; to shed light on the hiring biases that occur to those with speech-language disorders. Their format was perfect for us because starting an organization is hard work and we wanted their guidance on how to be successful. Our definition […]

6th of October 2016

How to Succeed in an Interview With a Speech-Language Disorder

The job interview process is difficult and stressful for all job applicants. To be chosen for a desired position, a candidate needs to make a good first impression and convey his or her skills effectively while interviewing. Even the most charismatic of people can find themselves stumped on a question or having an “off day,” […]

29th of September 2016

The Nervous” Breakdown: Our Greatest Fear

Public speaking is not necessarily the number one fear an individual may have, but it is the most common fear humans share, according to the R. H. Bruskin Survey, completed with the Gallop poll.  If you are part of this statistic, try to remember the last time you stood in front of a large group […]

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