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Being Misunderstood

15th of September 2016

Speech-Language Disorder: No Laughing Matter

  Humor is subjective. What gets some of us laughing may not be funny to others for very good reasons. On an episode a few months ago of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, they had students presenting their inventions in a segment called Fallonventions. General Electric sponsored this segment on the NBC network, which […]

13th of September 2016

The Benefit of Job Candidates Stepping Outside of Their Comfort Zone

In many ways, our lives are set up to keep the information we hold dear private from others. We get to know people before telling them too much about ourselves, we set up passwords for a myriad of accounts and devices, and we try to keep our social media footprint private for only specific people […]

28th of July 2016

8 Tips For Parents with Children Having Speech Language Disorders

Raising a child with a speech and language disorder can be challenging as well as unbelievably fulfilling. Parenting can look a little different than it does for parents raising children not facing your child’s unique challenges. Unlike other disorders, it may be harder to find support groups for parents of children with speech and language […]

27th of July 2016

Diversity Must Go Further Than Gender and Race

The HR space has been rife with talk about employee engagement over the past few years. Studies have repeatedly shown that engaged workforces are more productive. Every four years Gallup conducts research in this area, and in their last study showed “Work units in the top quartile in employee engagement outperformed bottom-quartile units by 10% […]

Valuable Tools in the Workplace

Imagine you are taking a foreign language class in high school, you’re up-to-date on all your assignments, you have a speech-language disorder, and your teacher has just asked you to stay after class and discuss transferring to a different level. You don’t understand why they want you to transfer. A family member with a speech-language […]

16th of February 2016

Siloed Diversity Holds Us All Back

There is conflict over an issue in the field of diversity and inclusion that needs to be addressed. Here are the two opposing schools of thought: Diversity is a long process, and every disenfranchised group can’t get there at once. As we work on gender and racial diversity, we will open the door for other […]

3rd of January 2016

Is a Lie Ever Right?

I lied to my son when he was ten years old, and I still think about it from time to time. I thought the circumstance made it the right thing to do, but I am unsure all these years later. We have been part of the speech/language community since my son was born three months […]

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