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26th of January 2017

Breaking the Habit of Discrimination

We fear what we don’t understand. The basis for strife between segments of society, whether it is class, race, religion, or another “otherness” qualifier, is fear, and that fear is based in ignorance. The challenges our community faces are really no different than any other group that is somehow different than the mainstream. Although millions […]

8th of November 2016

Leadership Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Leadership can come in all shapes and sizes and I contend that everyone has some leadership ability in them. It’s time to stop judging the size of it. It could be raising your hand for a question, sticking up for yourself, being a parent or a good sibling, asking for a raise or any number […]

3rd of November 2016

Hiring Managers Beware of Communication Techniques and Bias

Great leaders are great communicators; that is the common perception that has been accepted as fact by much of the business world. They also think that intelligent workers are fluid communicators as well. We won’t argue the first point, but the second is most definitely inaccurate. And hiring managers who don’t understand that are vulnerable […]

6th of October 2016

How to Succeed in an Interview With a Speech-Language Disorder

The job interview process is difficult and stressful for all job applicants. To be chosen for a desired position, a candidate needs to make a good first impression and convey his or her skills effectively while interviewing. Even the most charismatic of people can find themselves stumped on a question or having an “off day,” […]

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