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Need Strategies for Creating a More Inclusive Workplace? Ask Your Employees FIRST

December 12, 2016

So – you’ve successfully built a diverse workforce, but now you realize that the transformation you’re aiming for is only partly accomplished; that your workplace culture must change, too, to accommodate the varied people in it. You want to start the work of building this matching culture – a culture of inclusion that will ensure […]

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The Hijacking of the Words Diversity and Inclusion

November 1, 2016

  Have well-intentioned people destroyed the word “Diversity?” I read an interesting article the other day in The Atlantic titled A Person Can’t Be Diverse. In it the director of Selma, Ava DuVernay states “We’re hearing a lot about Diversity, I hate that word so much.” Her rationale is that “it’s a medicinal word that […]

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