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Our Voices Are Our Signature, and Should Be Unique

December 5, 2016

All epic changes in society require one thing: a change in the collective mindset. Nearly thirty years after the Americans with Disabilities Act, we are still awaiting that mindset to change in regards to the disabled, or differently abled, at work. We wrote recently about guarding against otherness as we push for workplace diversity. It […]

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How to Succeed in an Interview With a Speech-Language Disorder

October 6, 2016

The job interview process is difficult and stressful for all job applicants. To be chosen for a desired position, a candidate needs to make a good first impression and convey his or her skills effectively while interviewing. Even the most charismatic of people can find themselves stumped on a question or having an “off day,” […]

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The Nervous” Breakdown: Our Greatest Fear

September 29, 2016

Public speaking is not necessarily the number one fear an individual may have, but it is the most common fear humans share, according to the R. H. Bruskin Survey, completed with the Gallop poll.  If you are part of this statistic, try to remember the last time you stood in front of a large group […]

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Speech-Language Disorder: No Laughing Matter

September 15, 2016

  Humor is subjective. What gets some of us laughing may not be funny to others for very good reasons. On an episode a few months ago of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, they had students presenting their inventions in a segment called Fallonventions. General Electric sponsored this segment on the NBC network, which […]

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The Benefit of Job Candidates Stepping Outside of Their Comfort Zone

September 13, 2016

In many ways, our lives are set up to keep the information we hold dear private from others. We get to know people before telling them too much about ourselves, we set up passwords for a myriad of accounts and devices, and we try to keep our social media footprint private for only specific people […]

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