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Speech Factor

Writing Guidelines

Our mission is to raise awareness of and combat unconscious bias in hiring processes for those with speech-language disorder, and our blog uses the power of social media to get our message out.

We are building a community of partners who believe in our shared mission. We accept guest writer submissions on the following topics:

    1. Job Interview Advice. We aim to help both candidates and hiring managers understand the obstacles a person with speech-language disorder faces, and how each party can make the process easier.
    2. Making the conversation around workplace diversity more inclusive.  Intersectionality is the professional term for it – To see diversity with a wider perspective. Right now the conversation usually revolves gender, race, and sexual orientation, but so many other ‘segments’ of people who are not in the conversation.
    3. A call for action. We are looking for champions for those with speech-language disorders to set forth strategies to open our eyes to how unconscious bias impacts hiring decisions.
    4. Inclusive workplace strategies. There are countless studies that indicate diversity hiring fails when a culture of inclusivity and awareness isn’t intentionally built. How can we fix this?

If you have additional ideas that you believe belong in the conversation, please feel free to suggest them.

If you are interested in submitting a post please send it in either a Word or Drive Doc to

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